Planning & Prepping

As I sit here sipping on my Big Boy Smoothie, I am thinking back over the past week. We ate heartily, had dessert, drank incredible smoothies. Spent money on weird named products that I’d never heard of. Bought lots of cauliflower. Somehow with all note_10784this, I managed to lose 4 pounds (FOUR POUNDS). In one week. Without exercising or starving. Without cutting out sweets (especially chocolate!) Or counting calories or eating protein bars or any silly diet things we women try to shed pounds.

I don’t know for sure, but this seems amazing for not really having tried at all. Well. I guess I did try some, it took a LOT of planning and oatspreparing ahead of time. Making sure we had all of the ingredients we needed to try out our new dishes. And having read a 600 page book called Trim Healthy Mama. This book is amazing! They get down and dirty about why we SHOULD eat some foods (and a lot of them) and why we should avoid others in excess. The focus of the book is healthy and happy. Me too! That is what drew me to this book. Being borderline on certain diseases that I can keep in check myself by eating healthy and foods that encourage my body systems to work properly (right now, not all things can be controlled simply by diet, but I think you would be surprised!) . Not working overtime or not being used at all or working all haywire-like.

So, are you curious as to what my menu was like last week? Okay. I thought you might. 😉


Breakfast- Savory protein muffins. Pears with greek yogurt. Hot green tea.
Lunch – (Homemade) Light tomato soup. Roasted crispy garbanzo beans. Diet coke.
Dinner – Balsamic chicken. Quinoa. Creamless creamy veggies. Crystal Light.


Breakfast – TMHpancakesTrim Healthy Pancakes, topped with greek yogurt, and syrup. Hot English Breakfast tea.
Lunch – Fuel pull salad (SO big I couldn’t finish it all!) Lots of green tea. (And a diet coke somewhere in here).
Dinner – Fooled ya pizza. Light beer.


Breakfast – Soaked steel cut oatmeal with berries and cream (with truvia). Diet coke.
Lunch – Light Tomato Soup. Fritos. Fat stripping Frappa. (Twix) and apple cinnamon yogurt (Worked this day, always takes extra to keep me going. 🙂 )
Dinner – All day Lentil Soup. Skinny Chocolate.


Breakfast- Leftover protein muffins or Trim Healthy Pancakes. Diet Coke.
Lunch- Loaded Fotato Soup. Green tea.
Dinner – Taco Salad with ALL the trimmings. Lots of salad a handful of yellow corn tortilla chips, beans, sour cream mixed with greek yogurt, tomatoes, black olives, ground beef, cheddar cheese. Light beer. Secret agent brownies and whip of wonders.


Breakfast – Fat stripping Frappa.
Lunch- Fuel Pull Salad. Dehydrated, soaked almonds. Twix bar.
Dinner – Cookie bowl oatmeal.


Breakfast- Cookie bowl Oatmeal. Hot English breakfast tea.
Lunch- Mexican Cottage cheese with a Burger King whopper Jr. with cheese (didn’t eat the bun but all the fixings. I put it on the cottage cheese.) Almonds and skinny chocolate. diet coke.
Dinner – Creamy Mushroom pasta (used spaghetti squash as the pasta!) With 2 (maybe three. tee hee. ) slices of garlic bread. Bourbon on the rocks. (hard day at the office. . .)


bakedgrapefruitBreakfast- Big boy smoothie, fried egg with sour dough toast.
Lunch- Leftovers from dinner the night before. More big boy smoothie. Skinny Chocolate. Diet Pepsi.
Dinner – Leftovers from the week.


That’s a baked grapefruit I had as a snack last week. It’s making my mouth water just looking at all it’s juicy goodness. YUM!

Doesn’t sound half bad does it? It really wasn’t! I had a few moments of weakness on the days when I work because I don’t have all of my stuff in my kitchen around when I suddenly start to get shaky and hungry. I didn’t have a snack schedule last week so I can’t remember what snacks we had really. But this week I made a regular menu PLUS 3 snacks. (I told you it’s pretty labor-intensive on the planning part. To stay on track with your healthy habits, I have found that I have to have it planned otherwise I am going to just reach for things I know aren’t good for me and I shouldn’t be eating. Although, it isn’t going to hurt a bit to have some indulgence every now and again.

Now as a sidenote, you know I love sharing with you. However, I don’t know whether sharing these recipes with you is okay by the authors. They are moms just like you and I. They have very large families and spent a long time working on putting this book together. I know it is expensive. But compare it to a year (or 5) that you would spend in weight watchers or on Atkins products or whatnot. It is worth it to support these mamas! They are the daughters of a fabulous mentor the author of Above Rubies. She is a lovely woman. I have enjoyed her magazines and articles for years, and now I was more than happy to support her beautiful daughters. Once you have purchased the book, there are forums and facebook pages and groups to get support from which have been invaluable to me as I am finding my way through this journey.

Have a fantastic rest of the day!


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