Frosty Fat Strippin’ Frappa


This is one serving size of the fat stripping frappa. (Both pictures) Wow! The consistency is that of a frosty. It is delicious, too! Just for curiosities sake, even though I had just weighed myself yesterday I did it again today (right after breakfast no less)–down 2 more pounds. This is insane, guys! 😀

Yesterday I made some oven flax crackers and made some special guacamole and we pigged out. Then, an hour and a half later, we had dinner: beef stew, mashed fotatoes, and green fries. We ate til we couldn’t eat anymore. We literally all left the table unable to eat anything else. Then, a couple hours later we had a pumpkin pie with crushed almond crust and energized with more egg whites than whole eggs. Guess what? It was delicious! It was like eating regular full fat pumpkin pie. We also had some canned fat free Reddi whip on top. Yum.

We’re digging this! Thank you Serene & Pearl for doing the research and taking the time to see how this all works. We are grateful!


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