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Who knew planning the vacation of a families dreams could be so stressful? When you go on a vacation that you have never had before, or may not get to do again, you tend to want to squeeze all of the important stuff in. I don’t think we will get to this point. I have planned as much as I possibly can. Now, I am so anxious about it all. It has gotten to the point that I think I am going to be happy when it is over! We are all SO excited. But, It’s been about a year of saving and planning for this. It will be nice to have control over our finances again, and not have to worry about whether that will leave us with enough money for food and the occasional souvenir there.
findingnemoToday I planned out the snack schedule. Not so I can micromanage, but so I can make sure we have enough! I have the feeling we will be stopping to eat or have a snack at least three times a day. We went to a steakhouse where kids eat free and then to Sam’s last night for our supplies. Everyone got to pick out something (at least that was the plan) as you can guess shopping with four extremely excited children left everyone feeling a little harried. But we got what we needed and made our way home.

Whenever I start to feel like I am spinning or like things are out of control, I look at what is going on and why it’s different now and what I need to get started doing again. They say it only takes a few weeks to pick up a new habit, but I’ll tell you what! It takes only a few days to let it go again. So, yesterday I realized I was not planning out my days so that I do not just waste the small amount of time I am given. Today was about catching up and catching my breath. You know what happens to a bigger family who is on fast forward with no general plan of attack in place? C H A O S.

photo (6)So, here is my day. A little bit of reading from Grace-Based Parenting, snack scheduling on my weekly menu plan (takes you right to the pdf so you can download), getting my week organized so I don’t wait til the last minute to do well, let’s face it e v e r y t h i n g (link take’s you to the creator’s website and page the printable is on. Thank you, Ann!), getting our luggage tags named and addressed, and blogging of course. It’s amazing when you have planned out where you can see that you really do have time for everything, if you take a little time to do something you want to do, the amount of stress and anxiousness that is taken off your shoulders. Especially if you are a visual person like I am. I see that if I goof off for the rest of the afternoon today, I still have an allotted amount of time to get important things in still. It’s worth it to me to put a time and place to everything so I know that I can accomplish it all. I can get discouraged so easily if I don’t do this.

On another note, if you are interested in beginning meal planning, when I was looking for the link to the one I use, I noticed several very pretty very stylish printables out there nowdays! Just search weekly meal plan & look through the images. I am sure you will find one that is helpful! I use one with breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that when we go to work, we are not tempted to purchase lunch because we were not inspired before we left. 😀


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