I have added a few things to the site. I wasn’t sure whether to or not. I kind of like this being my haven for thoughts and reflections. But, also, I want it to be a place where as readers you might be able to find encouragement not only for your spirit and mind, but also encouragement in day to day things like healthy eating and financial goals.

So, I decided to add a few things. I added to the top a page that explains things I use to add a little to our budget each month. These items are tried and true. I have used them for months, I know other people who have used them as well. They are legit and require very little extra effort and no real cost to you. They are shopathome.com and swagbucks.com.

Along the side bar you will find a button to my instagram profile ( I’d love to have you as a follower and to follow as well! I love photos!), My Etsy shop Plain and Simple Sundries, and my photography facebook page(I used to have a real website, but if you aren’t making any money with the photography, it’s impossible to fund a whole site. lol.) Click on them, browse around if you like, see something you like? Go ahead and purchase it. 😉

The only outside advertising I am going to do is with amazon. The links show my affiliate links and I will only make a percentage of commission on a certain amount of purchases bought through my link. I will often link to other sites, these are things that I think will be helpful in your daily life, things that I have found helpful or encouraging. Not things that I make money on.

Thanks for reading here. I encourage you to come back frequently. Feel free to leave comments, I love to receive them! I also enjoy seeing people ‘like’ a certain article. I’m glad to have the opportunity, and thank God for it, to encourage you with these words!


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