Fruit for thought

Probably one of the most talked about fruits of the Spirit is “love.”
 I’m not even going to count how many verses there are that speak of love. We all know that God IS love. All things are created out of His love for us. We are created for the purpose of loving God and consequently others as well (we are image-bearers, of course.) I believe it is also one of the easiest to put out of context as well. 

Love is amazing. Especially if you have found the person who knows how to speak your language, who makes up the parts of you that are missing or broken. What happens when love isn’t amazing? What happens when you find yourself in a spot where those you love don’t want love that requires toughness? Maybe they’ve wronged you somehow or are hurting themselves or you’ve wronged them and can’t get back to the good love place. All there is is silence and awkwardness. You know things will never be the same again. Having trouble holding on to hope that it will be better than before. Knowing that you can forgive, and you will–you do love.

You can’t just give up on people.  But you cannot fix whatever is broken. You can’t go along with it.  You can’t stop thinking about what they’ve said.  They’re thinking…Well, only they and God know that. You’ve given it to Jesus, you’re trying not to look back.  It’s everywhere and c  o  n  s  u  m  i  n  g because you DO love them. . .  You’re tired of being let down and frustrated by it.  

Does God only love us with an ‘awe that’s alright’ kind of love? You’ll get ’em next time. How about a child that continues to run into the road after being told it’s dangerous. How does love respond? God forgives us when we mess up. Does that excuse us from our consequences, though? (Think Galatians 6:7)  After the first time your child runs towards the road do you not make quite known your desire to keep them safe (because you love them) by discipline and teaching? You don’t pat them on the head and say “oh that’s okay, you didn’t realize you were running towards the road!” (even though they did know) I didn’t think you would. I just don’t get that kind of thinking.

So, what is one to do? Do you keep quiet? Keep loving how you know to love. Make right what you can and give God the rest. Be tough.

Love requires toughness.  Toughness hurts sometimes. We hurt each other, are prideful and refuse to face our actions. It’s just another powerful reminder that people here are not Jesus, and this is not meant to be home. For that I guess I’ll do the tough thing. Be grateful.


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