Mama-Lots-Of-Tots. I have a few tots(five to be exact!), and I spend my life trying to find ways to be more intentional with it all.  I have truly been blessed!

My Goal is to i n s p i r e you to live your best life possible. In every means possible. By helping others, encouraging you to step out on faith, and to try something new or different!
I am a work smarter not harder school of thought lady. I love saving money, even making a little extra where I can! So I will share with you the things that work, the things that haven’t, the things I’m still figuring out. I want to share it ALL with you. I want to share how our family tries to live our best life possible, and hopefully i n s p i r e you to try it out for yourself!
I want to return to blogging soon, hopefully to a non-freespace home! http://mamalotsoftots.com
Visit my naturals & thoughtful handmade items on http://mamalotsoftots.etsy.com. There isn’t a lot going on there right now, but I hope to continue to find time to update now. 
Be blessed. ❤


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