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“I may never need coffee from Starbucks again!” Could you ever imagine anyone saying that?
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No matter what has happened today or what didn’t
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What happened?

I keep trying to make this blog something it doesn’t need to be. On a paid server, with my other endeavors (Etsy, Creative Coterie printable, SarahLynn Photography) and what I end up with is overwhelmed.
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keep singing

Some days I get so tired of being patient. Waiting for things I can’t change or force. If it’s one thing I have learned in this life it’s you can’t force things to happen, circumstances will happen when they are meant to. It doesn’t leave me any less bitter. Any less frustrated. I try to focus on all of the good in my life (and there is SO much of it!) But being held back on really important things. Things that are supposedly important to others get’s old fast. I believe I am where I am because of God’s Almighty hand. But I also believe I’m being held back from the full extent of that blessing by satans hold over the world. By his ability to keep us in our selfish patterns. What can a person do if you are feeling overwhelmed by that stronghold but keep crying out to God? It is all we can do sometimes.
So that’s what I found my heart doing tonight:
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“Help me, Jesus” — I read a blog post or facebook post that shared how this simple prayer was also the most powerful. God only knows how many times I prayed just that today.

Lacking better words and not feeling like I could trust those words today, I simply cried out to Him over and over today. I didn’t have time to pray anything more. I needed the Spirit ASAP. I wish I could find this blog post again. I want to reread it, print it out–SOMETHING! So if anyone out there comes across this or knows what post this is I’m talking about, please feel free to share it!

Fruit for thought

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Tonight I find myself feeling ready to take on the task of living intentionally. Maybe it’s winter being over, maybe it’s being tired of not having a plan and being ran over full blast. Or maybe it’s just the ebb and flow of life: the ability to take on the responsibility of doing more than just coasting through life. I have this really amazing planner that I made the insides to with planning pages for every day, week, and month. A few pages filled in here, a weeks worth never to be taken to task.
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HAPPYIt’s been little more than a month since we have found ourselves in an opposite type of reality. I sit here tired, not sure why I even thought of my blog (since it has been since August the last time I wrote to you.) However, I am here. I am listening to hymns played on the piano and remembering when it was I that could play that way. Though I have not lost the know how, I have lost the flexibility I once had. All from the lack of practice. I’ve lost a lot of flexibility from lack of practice in many areas of life. I am sitting here staring at chore cards and working on a master chore list from a book I purchased from and I remember when I first purchased this book to begin training my children how to live every moment to the fullest before we hit rock bottom and had to function out on crisis mode. That was a long time ago. Time marches us forward.
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Heard of Dave Ramsey? I’m sure you have. He has been blessed with so much wisdom for finances. I love to read his little images on facebook. They’re encouraging and helpful.

The half year mark just passed. Only 5 months ’til Christmas. This marks the
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to your health

Some time back towards the beginning of this year I decided that my looming health issues had to be halted. Being on medications just is not an option for me until I know that I have at least tried to treat my body better and in return it returning to normal. I wasn’t really looking for a weight loss plan. I had just decided that I needed to eat more normally (nixing so many cheetos) and move my body more. Continue reading