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HAPPYIt’s been little more than a month since we have found ourselves in an opposite type of reality. I sit here tired, not sure why I even thought of my blog (since it has been since August the last time I wrote to you.) However, I am here. I am listening to hymns played on the piano and remembering when it was I that could play that way. Though I have not lost the know how, I have lost the flexibility I once had. All from the lack of practice. I’ve lost a lot of flexibility from lack of practice in many areas of life. I am sitting here staring at chore cards and working on a master chore list from a book I purchased from and I remember when I first purchased this book to begin training my children how to live every moment to the fullest before we hit rock bottom and had to function out on crisis mode. That was a long time ago. Time marches us forward.
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Heard of Dave Ramsey? I’m sure you have. He has been blessed with so much wisdom for finances. I love to read his little images on facebook. They’re encouraging and helpful.

The half year mark just passed. Only 5 months ’til Christmas. This marks the
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Every now and again I get inspired to put something out there for the world. Something that struck me as inspirational or that I haven’t thought of in such a way. Sometimes I share those on Facebook, but I don’t want to overload it with things of God and faith. I don’t want to be that person you scroll over and don’t look at what I do post. haha.

It’s just that I see so much hurting in the world around me. Things that are harder than they’ve ever been. Things that push us to the limit of ‘faith’ and cross into the realm of questioning God with “Why?!” Continue reading


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When I opened my blog today, I did not know what I was going to write. I just stared at it wondering if any of the words I have typed (though the majority of them are now gone) have brought encouragement or inspiration. They have to me, and honestly when I started typing these things out, that is mostly what it was about. A visual way to provide encouragement for myself through dark times. Now, as I enter a new season, I wonder how I can bring that encouragement again. How can we as a new type of family encourage people as what we are? A single mother with a great significant other, but the perfect family home picture has been shattered. What does it look like to show other women in a similar position encouragement, how can I encourage myself? I know this sounds self-centered, but I am my own target audience and if you don’t know how to encourage others you must start somewhere. It seems that if I just continue to write what brings me up, maybe someone out there will find it encouraging as well. Continue reading