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This is another way I supplement my income. By going to shop at home’s website and clicking through which store you are going to make a purchase from, you can earn anywhere from 2-15% cash back.
You can use this at just about any retailer you can think of!

Earlier this year we took a trip to Disney World. I earned cash back on making payments toward our trip by going to, clicking through to the disney store online and buying Disney gift cards. I earned anywhere from 3-5% cash back on each amount. After the gift cards arrived, I applied them to our vacation balance. 😀 Then, when my check came in the mail, I deposited it and guess what I did then? Bought another gift card! I earned double on our purchases this way! Smart, eh? I feel very clever about this one, though I KNOW I’m not the first to figure it out or even alone in this knowledge. But I’m throwing it out there for you!

Another way I sort of double dip is by purchasing gift cards from for gas. They just got done offering 10 cents off per gallon when you used a gift card. So, I was not only earning 2% cash back, but also saving an extra 10 cents off at the pump. *high five*

Obviously, I’m very psyched about shop at home. I realize it is a lot like earning cash back on purchases with credit cards that may offer that perk. But this way, you aren’t charging anything (unless you charge your purchase 😉 ), the check comes to you every few months. I buy everything I can online this way. I’m even buying toilet paper and laundry supplies and groceries this way! It’s earning us about $25-$30 every 3 months. Just free money. From going to one extra website. How much simpler can it be to get free cash? 😀 SIGN UP AND START EARNING TODAY!

ShopAtHome Banner

**Signing up with these links will give me a referral, which (if I read the site correctly) means we can BOTH get $5 in our shop at home tank! , so get started today!



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