What is swagbucks? I recently found out the craze over swagbucks. You do simple things like participate in a simple poll, or watch an ad for a product, you can sign up for accounts for things (be careful some of them do charge you), download games to your phone. I think I’ve only participated in one thing that I liked enough that I went for the purchase and earned even more swagbucks!

So far I have earned enough to get $15 dollars in gift cards. You can choose which store you can get this from. It isn’t instant, but after requesting your gift cards, they arrive (usually under “my gift cards”) in just a few days. Right now I am working my way up towards a $25 paypal card. šŸ˜€ I’m almost there!

This is almost like free money, folks! All it really takes is time and the payoffs are real. So, please, take a moment look the site over and sign up and start earning! Who couldn’t use a free $5 gift card to walmart? Thats 500 points. Not too difficult of a task.

Sign up for Swagbucks with my link!

**Links in this post contain my referral code. The more people you refer (and the more bucks they earn) the more you can earn, too!**

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