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What happened?

I keep trying to make this blog something it doesn’t need to be. On a paid server, with my other endeavors (Etsy, Creative Coterie printable, SarahLynn Photography) and what I end up with is overwhelmed.
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begin again. . .


My life has been a lot like this dish cloth I started to crochet, I get about halfway and have to rip it all out and begin again. I used to have a blog at mamas-bloggin.com. I wish I had been consciously thinking about what I was losing. I would have saved all the hours spent pouring over posts. Posts that are relevant even now, but are gone forever. But I gave up on it. I didn’t have time for it. It reminded me of those first few months of alone that were so dreadful and dark even though you seen the positive words on my blog, there were so many very dark times. I didn’t just post all of those things for you, I posted them for me! Continue reading