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What happened?

I keep trying to make this blog something it doesn’t need to be. On a paid server, with my other endeavors (Etsy, Creative Coterie printable, SarahLynn Photography) and what I end up with is overwhelmed.
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Tonight I find myself feeling ready to take on the task of living intentionally. Maybe it’s winter being over, maybe it’s being tired of not having a plan and being ran over full blast. Or maybe it’s just the ebb and flow of life: the ability to take on the responsibility of doing more than just coasting through life. I have this really amazing planner that I made the insides to with planning pages for every day, week, and month. A few pages filled in here, a weeks worth never to be taken to task.
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raising home

I really have never thought of myself as a ‘farm girl.’ It never appealedmenu to me before I had lots of tots. Honestly, if the cost of living wasn’t so sky high and the whole economy about to topple over, I probably still wouldn’t want to deal with all of the challenges that come with raising animals Continue reading