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as the food turns

Yep. It’s another lovely yummy food post! Who doesn’t like just one more post about food? fotatoes
This was my second attempt at these mashed ‘fotatoes’ My first go round with them turned out to be ungoodness and we all decided that we would not be trying them again. They were too big of a disappointment. Well, We had pork, sauerkraut, and regular mashed potatoes for dinner last night, and a cauliflower head that was starting to turn. ( I always say/think that in Mater’s voice from Cars 2 — it has turned lol.)

Anyways! With tax refund money I bought us this really awesome NINJA Food Processor so I figured we may as well try one more time. Take another look at that picture. It’s steamed cauliflower!! Fluffed up in the food processor and they look and feel and TASTE like the real thing! For real! The texture is fluffy and light, and the cauliflower kicks the mashed potato flavor up just a notch! They were tasty and we ate them ALL (almost) because we COULD, dangit! We ate until we couldn’t eat anymore!